Asbestos Diseases

What Diseases are caused by Asbestos?

This website has been developed to explain to you the types of diseases, symptoms to look out for and possible claims you could pursue should you contract a related disease.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some diseases show no symptoms for many years. If you have been in contact with Asbestos and are concerned about the likelihood of contracting a disease, contact our advice helpline today on 0800 833 099.

To find out more about the diseases caused by exposure to Asbestos, follow the links:

Everybody, in principle, who has been diagnosed with asbestosis is entitled to compensation for an asbestos related disease. Obtaining asbestos related disease compensation is a complex field of law and it is therefore essential to consult an experienced asbestos disease lawyer. If you believe you have a claim for compensation caused as a result of asbestos exposure then please ring our asbestos legal advice and compensation claim line now on 0800 833 099 for advice. Our asbestos helpline is available 24/7. We can then investigate a claim for asbestos exposure and advise what to do, completely free of charge and without any obligation.

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