Asbestos Induced Lung Cancer

What is Asbestos Induced Lung Cancer?

It has been known for more than forty years that asbestos can cause lung cancer. Smokers who have been exposed to asbestos are far more at risk of developing asbestos induced lung cancer than non-smokers. It usually takes 20 years or more from first exposure to develop. There is still debate as to whether asbestosis is necessary for an asbestos related lung cancer to develop, but most doctors consider that a person cannot develop asbestos induced lung cancer without first being diagnosed with asbestosis.

Compensation for Asbestos-induced Lung Cancer

For the disease itself, awards vary between £50,000 and £69,500. In addition, the Claimant may also be able to claim for loss of past and future earnings, the cost of specialist care, care provided by the Claimant’s family and any special needs such as the cost of a stairlift or special shower or bed.

Asbestos lung cancer compensation may be available for the condition of asbestos lung cancer. Contact our Asbestos Legal Advice Helpline now on 0800 833099.

Claims for asbestos lung cancer compensation are particularly complicated and it is absolutely essential to obtain advice at the earliest opportunity from a specialist asbestos disease lawyer who can obtain asbestos related lung cancer compensation for you. Asbestos lung cancer is probably the least common type of asbestos related disease. Call us any time on 0800.833099 and speak to one of our specialist asbestos lung cancer compensation lawyers now who will investigate your asbestos related lung cancer compensation claim completely free of charge and without obligation.

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