What Compensation Is Available?

Compensation for Asbestos-induced Lung Cancer

For the disease itself, awards vary between £50,000 and £69,500. In addition, the Claimant may also be able to claim for loss of past and future earnings, the cost of specialist care, care provided by the Claimant’s family and any special needs such as the cost of a stairlift or special shower or bed.

Compensation for Asbestosis

Asbestosis claims can be dealt with on a provisional damages basis or on a full and final basis. A provisional award allows the Claimant to come back to Court for additional compensation, should the degree of disability increase significantly. However, it is more common to have these cases dealt with on a provisional basis. Awards for the personal injury aspect of the disease itself vary between £20,000 and £75,000.

Compensation for Diffuse Pleural Thickening

Awards vary, depending on the degree of disability. However, typically, awards for the injury itself range between £10,000 and £50,000.

Compensation for Mesothelioma

Awards of compensation for mesothelioma can be significant. Courts frequently award between £50,000 and £90,000 for the disease itself. In addition, it will generally be possible to claim for past and future loss of earnings, the cost of specialist care or equipment and any private medical expenses. As a result, some awards can be in excess of £250,000.

Compensation for pleural plaques

For more than 20 years compensation was payable for pleural plaques. However, Employers’ Liability Insurers challenged the law in the House of Lords. On 17 October 2007 the House of Lords ruled that compensation should no longer be payable for symptomless pleural plaques.

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