How Does The Claim Process Work?

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition all you have to do to commence the claims process is to telephone us on 0800 833 099 or send a short email to us using our online Claim Form.

Your claim will then follow 5 simple steps:


We will make arrangements to contact you and obtain any necessary information we need to successfully process your claim. Home visits are arranged in every case, no matter where you live in England or Wales. Such visits are by prior appointment and we would always encourage you to have a member of your family present.


Following our visit, we will make arrangements to obtain any necessary medical records and thereafter arrange to have you medically examined by a Consultant Chest Physician who will be asked to prepare a detailed report. If you are really poorly we can sometimes arrange for a medical report to be prepared by an expert, simply based upon the expert’s review of your medical records and without the need for you to leave your home. Alternatively, we can arrange for the medical expert to visit you at home.


Whilst gathering the necessary information, we will intimate a claim to any of those companies we identify as a potential party to your claim, so as to save time later.


It may be necessary for us, at some stage, to obtain reports from other Specialists, e.g. Occupational Therapists, to assist us in arriving at a valuation of your claim.


Once we have a supportive medical report from the medical expert we will advise you with regard to the value of your claim for injuries and any other compensation to be claimed, e.g. for care or equipment and will thereafter disclose evidence to your opponent and invite their proposals for settlement.

Who can you make a claim against?

Generally, a claim is made against a past employer and compensation is paid by the employer’s liability insurer. Even if the past employer has gone out of business, a claim can still be pursued as it may be possible to trace the insurers concerned. Where this is not feasible, a claimant may be able to obtain an award under a special compensation scheme set up by the Government*.

It is vitally important to act as quickly as possible because strict time limits apply to bringing this type of claim and any unreasonable delay may prejudice the claim for compensation.

*If the company against whom the claim is made is no longer trading and their insurers are insolvent, the matter may fall to be dealt with under the FSCS Scheme, in which case, we do reserve the right to claim any unrecovered costs from any compensation you receive. In such circumstances, the unrecovered costs would not normally amount to any more than 10% of those costs and disbursements which are sought, plus VAT.

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